Microwave Oven – Advantages And Disadvantages

There are plenty of manufacturers looking for microwave oven stoves how the customer occasionally gets very unclear about that brand name in order to believe in. Before choosing the best microwave, it is crucial that you simply view the significance as well as power of each function provided. Microwave ovens are so popular because they provide quick and reliable way to heat up your food. Using microwave oven is very easy, even a child can easily heat up the left over food.

Microwave ovens are also economical and energy efficient kitchen appliance that must be present in every home. Today’s microwave are much more advanced and have more features then what they use to have a decade ago. Now we have microwave oven with a grill or a fan to make cooking even more faster and also efficient. They also take very small space, so if you are short of space don’t worry. If you are considering of buying a new microwave, then go for best microwave oven in India, that has lots of features and functionality.

Types of Microwave Oven

microwave-18There are quiet a few types of microwave oven available on the market today. They differ in features and they way they work. Here are some microwaves which you want to buy

Standard microwave:
This type of microwave provides the basic functionality and are great for simple and day to day tasks such as heating left over foods or heating milk. You can also cook potatoes, chickens and also defrost frozen food. They are also cheap and compact.

Microwave oven with grills
This type of microwave oven performs all the function of a microwave plus it also have grilling function. They gives you an added benefit such as cooking brown and crispy chicken and other fried items, which is not possible in a basic type of microwave oven. You can also use this oven as a stand alone grill or if you want in conjunction with the microwave.

Combination Microwave oven
This type of microwave oven comes with an internal fan. They are also called as convection microwave, as they uses hot air generated from the fan inside the microwave. They are energy efficient and cooks food much faster than the standard type of microwave oven.

Features to look for in Microwave Oven

article-2260448-0646bb7e000005dc-618_634x407To draw in the actual customers, producers tend to be including increasingly more functions for their microwave range of products. When you are to purchase a goldstar microwave on your own, it is crucial that you simply think about all of these features very carefully as well as consider all of them based on your own utilization as well as comfort. There isn’t any reason for having to pay much more with regard to functions that you’re barely likely to make use of.

The fundamental technologies which microwave oven stoves jobs are the actual micro waves produced through the magnetron. The ability is actually calculated within w, much more w within the microwave imply much more warmth as well as quicker it’ll prepare the meals. The number begins through Six hundred w within the small stoves as much as 2500 w within big stoves. This is often a determining element whilst purchasing; nevertheless, a positive change associated with 50-100 w doesn’t create a large amount of distinction.

The sooner types of microwave experienced restricted automated configurations. However there are several types of microwave that provides a lot more than Ten car configurations for various types of meals for example entree, soufflés, boiled spud, stew along with car de-frosting as well as heating functions. Along with automated configurations, you don’t have to bother with environment time as well as energy settings. Right here additionally, if you’re not really likely to begin using these car configurations to make foods, it is best to purchase a less expensive, fundamental design. Continue reading

Air Fryers Uses And Health Benefits

In today’s modern world, where everyone is busy in their professional lives and find very little time for their personal well being. It is hard to get or prepare healthy meals. But now more and more people are looking for healthy meals to keep them stay fit and healthy. One of the important thing in preparing healthy meals is that you should use as little oil as you can. But many people especially in Indian continent use lot of oils in their fried dishes. For such people air fryers can be very useful kitchen appliance as it does not uses oil to fry foods. That is why opting the best air fryer of 2016 could be a better, healthier & economical option for frying food.

Air Fryers

Recipes That You Can Prepare in Oil Fryers

Air Fryer excites the taste buds, and more individuals are choosing this Thanksgiving turkey preparation method. But there are more ways to cook a turkey which has wonderful flavor and delicious taste.

If you’ve never prepared any type of turkey, it can be a bit daunting task, but it’s also one of those great cooking milestones that you’ll never forget. And if you’ve been preparing turkeys since many years, perhaps you’re ready to spice things up and try a new technique.

Here are 5 great ways to cook a turkey you may want to consider:


Outdoor barbecuing is an easy and a efficient way to cook your Thanksgiving turkey. No mess in your oven or the kitchen. A whole turkey may be prepared on either a gas grill or a charcoal grill. This method requires a covered barbecue grill and heavy duty aluminum foil. Your turkey will be crisp outside and juicy inside


Regardless of how you cooking, starting with a brine makes the most of any turkey. Brine is like marinating, but in a salt-heavy water solution for several hours before cooking. It makes for very moist and well-seasoned meat and helps a turkey withstand the high oven temperatures necessary to get the coveted crisp skin. Popularity of fried turkey keeps growing and why not, it tastes just awesome, the skin will be crispy and the meat is juicy. And if you want to avoid dry meat at all costs, this is the way to go.

If you like the traditional and simple method of cooking turkey, then a roasting pan and your oven are all you need to cook up a great turkey. This recipe from the L.A. Times offers variations for both a stuffed and an un-stuffed version.


If you’re cooking for only a small group and don’t need a big turkey, you can even use your Crock-Pot to cook turkey. It’s easy, and it will free up your oven space for other side dishes.

Facts About Fast Food Nutrition

We have become a fast food nation. Fast food restaurants are on practically every corner and more are popping up every day. And they are booming with business because it is quick, convenient, and inexpensive.

But the question you should ask yourself is, “Is it nutritious”? What are the fast food nutrition facts?

The short answer is no, fast food is not nutritious. But you probably already knew that nutrition fact.

Fast Food Nutrition Facts | Are You Getting The Big Picture?

There are plenty of fast food nutrition facts out there with calorie data, fat grams, and carbohydrate counts on every burger, taco, chicken sandwich, french fry, and chocolate shake in existence. For now, let’s set the numbers aside and look at the big picture.


Like most people, you are probably interested in maintaining a healthy weight. How do the fast food nutrition facts work against that goal? First of all, let’s talk about your natural hunger response. Food is your body’s fuel. When it is running low on fuel, it sends a signal to your brain that it needs more fuel. You feel that signal in the form of hunger.

That is all basic info up to this point, but here is where it gets interesting. When your brain gets taste signals from your tongue, it expects them to be followed by nutrients. Once you get the nutrients, then the hunger stops. With fast food however, there is a problem. There are no discernible nutrients. The small amount of nutrients that are there are so over-processed that the body hardly recognizes them.

The result is that you keep eating because the hunger signal hasn’t been turned off since the nutrients never arrived. After a while you feel full, but not satisfied. That’s because the volume of your stomach is filled but you never really got what your body was craving in the first place – nutritious fuel to keep you going.

Fast Food Nutrition Facts | Are They Deceiving You?

Fast food nutrition facts can be deceiving. The very nature of a food label focuses on quantity and not quality. It will tell you how much protein is in your meal, but it won’t tell you how nutritious that particular protein is. If you were to go through all of the processes that food has been through to make it into the paper bag they hand you at the drive-thru window, you would realize that it was stripped of almost all nutritious value along the way. Continue reading

Healthy Snack Indian Recipes

We live in a world where we are constantly on the go. Our fast-paced society has changed the way we live, and also, the way we eat. Healthy snack recipes have been replaced by junk and fast food.

Just a few decades ago, families would regularly gather around a table to eat together. Eating was a priority, with a dedicated time slot in your day to appreciate and enjoy the experience of healthy cooking. We still look forward to the opportunities we have to prepare a healthy recipe or relax at our favorite restaurant, but the eating habits our hectic world has created are a far cry from those of previous generations.

We are surrounded by fast food on every corner boasting bigger portions sizes and lower prices. To see the results of Americans relying more and more on these food choices and less on healthy eating, you need look no further than fast food nutrition facts and the resulting health statistics. One in three Americans are obese and we are getting fatter by the minute.

Hummus with pita bread and vegetables

Maintaining a healthy weight has become increasingly difficult. The fitness and weight loss industry is booming, but the billions of dollars spent trying to get fit cannot outrun the trips through the drive-thru. Eating junk in between meals rather than healthy snack recipes only fuels the problem.

Maybe you want to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, have more energy, or just feel better overall. If you were told that you had to change your diet completely to achieve that, you probably wouldn’t do it. We are creatures of habit and life-long eating habits die hard.

So, start small. Like all things in life, small adjustments can have a big impact. How do you turn cold water into boiling water? One degree at a time. There’s no other way to do it. One degree may seem like a small change, but it makes all the difference.

Look at your diet in the same way. Don’t think about eating healthy, think about eating healthier. Rather than snacking on junk in between meals, add some healthy snacks into the mix. Small changes add up. One degree at a time and before you know it, your water’s boiling. Or in the case of losing weight, you weigh a few pounds less and your waist is one inch smaller. Continue reading