Air Fryers Uses And Health Benefits

In today’s modern world, where everyone is busy in their professional lives and find very little time for their personal well being. It is hard to get or prepare healthy meals. But now more and more people are looking for healthy meals to keep them stay fit and healthy. One of the important thing in preparing healthy meals is that you should use as little oil as you can. But many people especially in Indian continent use lot of oils in their fried dishes. For such people air fryers can be very useful kitchen appliance as it does not uses oil to fry foods. That is why opting the best air fryer of 2016 could be a better, healthier & economical option for frying food.

Air Fryers

Recipes That You Can Prepare in Oil Fryers

Air Fryer excites the taste buds, and more individuals are choosing this Thanksgiving turkey preparation method. But there are more ways to cook a turkey which has wonderful flavor and delicious taste.

If you’ve never prepared any type of turkey, it can be a bit daunting task, but it’s also one of those great cooking milestones that you’ll never forget. And if you’ve been preparing turkeys since many years, perhaps you’re ready to spice things up and try a new technique.

Here are 5 great ways to cook a turkey you may want to consider:


Outdoor barbecuing is an easy and a efficient way to cook your Thanksgiving turkey. No mess in your oven or the kitchen. A whole turkey may be prepared on either a gas grill or a charcoal grill. This method requires a covered barbecue grill and heavy duty aluminum foil. Your turkey will be crisp outside and juicy inside


Regardless of how you cooking, starting with a brine makes the most of any turkey. Brine is like marinating, but in a salt-heavy water solution for several hours before cooking. It makes for very moist and well-seasoned meat and helps a turkey withstand the high oven temperatures necessary to get the coveted crisp skin. Popularity of fried turkey keeps growing and why not, it tastes just awesome, the skin will be crispy and the meat is juicy. And if you want to avoid dry meat at all costs, this is the way to go.

If you like the traditional and simple method of cooking turkey, then a roasting pan and your oven are all you need to cook up a great turkey. This recipe from the L.A. Times offers variations for both a stuffed and an un-stuffed version.


If you’re cooking for only a small group and don’t need a big turkey, you can even use your Crock-Pot to cook turkey. It’s easy, and it will free up your oven space for other side dishes.


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